Monday, November 29, 2010

Making families happy about their birth experience is my goal. I listen to your hopes and desires about the type of birth experience you desire. On my last birth experience, the mom had her desires set in place and was open to the idea that an epidural could help her and she may use it, but hoped to go natural (without any interventions). She did an awesome job and got to 8cm, but then asked for an epidural. She said she felt like a wimp and felt guilty that she resorted to the epidural. I told her that my job was not to make her feel that she could not choose a pain reliever. Because I am a doula, many feel that I only support moms who want to go all-natural. That is not the case by any means! I told this mom that I would support any decision she chose and walk her through the benefits and risks, but that her decision was for her best interest and I would support her with whatever she chose. Congratulations Holly! You did wonderful. Look at that family! It was a great birth experience and I was happy to comfort mom the whole way through.-Tina